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This is a list of websites to download/listen to music and music podcasts

Music India Online (Many Long RealAudio Samples of all types of Indian music)
Sangeethapriya (Full Carnatic concerts and lec-dems in MP3 format)
Carnatic Krithis Archive (Several krithis with lyrics and sound in MP3 and RealAudio format)
Parvathi concerts (Streamed full-length concerts from Mysore)
Shruti Radio (Streaming Carnatic vocal and instrumental radio station)
Nada Anubhoothi (Carnatic, Hindustani & Devotional songs in RealAudio)
Geetham (Albums for download in mp3 format)
You Tube Carnatic Music (Video Clips of Carnatic Music)
Carnatic Songs MP3 Blog (various songs for download)
eShakti (Webcasts of Concerts in RealAudio)
Vinyl Preservation Project (Carnatic music from Vinyl LPs in RealAudio format)
Udbhava (Streaming Audio of Indian music)
South Asian Women's Forum (Music samples from North & South Indian music)
Aarthi's Music Site (Various Real Audio files)
Swati Tirunal Compositions (for listening)
Varnam & Geetham Archive (Varnams and geethams with lyrics and sound)
Great Ragas of Carnatic Music - Seetha Narayanan (Various clips in Windows Media format)
Bhakti Sangeet (Bhajans in Real Audio)
Raaga Rasika (Podcasts by Vidya & Devesh)
Sruthi-Laya Yahoo Group (Discussion forum with links to uploaded concerts in mp3 format)
Radio of India (Online Radio in RealAudio)
Navraang Radio (RealAudio Indian music Radio)
A German Indian Music Page (RealAudio Samples of Carnatic music instruments)
Rajaram's Indian Classical Music Page (Bangalore concerts; Audio files)
Sarangi (Hindustani music archive in wma format)

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