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Carnatic Music Discussion Forums:
There are a number of Indian music discussion forums available on the net.
Some groups require registration before you are able to participate.

Rasika.Org (many categories to discuss Carnatic music)
Carnatic Rasikas (Google group for Carnatic discussion and sharing of music files)
Research Carnatic (Google group to discuss the research about Carnatic music)
Carnatic Theory (Google group to discuss theoretical aspects about Carnatic music)
Carnatic Resource (Group to share resources related to Carnatic music)
Carnatica Rasika Forum (Discussion forum on Carnatica site)
Geetham Forums (Discussion forums - requires registration)
Carnatic Sangeetham (Discussion forum, Yahoo Group)
Forum Hub Indian Classical Music (Group to discuss Indian classical music) newsgroup (mainly Hindustani music discussion nowadays)

RMIC was the first Internet discussion forum devoted to Indian classical music.
1. Access the rmic archives via FTP here. (archives were maintained up to mid-1995 only)
2. Access the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions for RMIC

Below is a photo of some of the early contributers to rmic. It was taken at the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival in April 1995.

Left to right Top row: Ramasubramanian Ramakrishnan aka Subu, Satish Ananthaiyar, Ramesh Vaidhyanathan (all Purdue).

Middle row: Mani Vembar (Cleveland), Mohan Ayyar (Sydney), Usha Rani Pannapalli (Purdue), Praveen Dala (Philladelphia), Aravinda Pillalamarri (Boston). I don't think the little mami to the left of Mani reads rmic!

Bottom row: Balaji (Detroit), Shrivas Sudarshan (Philladelphia), Nandu Gopalakrishnan (Washington D. C).

Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana festival

Please read my article on the 1995 aradhana

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